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Newbies Careerzine, Issue #1 -- How To Make It To The Top, Successfully
September 02, 2007

Newbies Careerzine brings you the latest information, tools and tips to succeed in the working world.

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1. Quick Note – What’s New?
2. New Articles:

i. How To Keep Your Boss Happy
ii. What It Takes To Be Number One?
iii. Chinese Symbol For Patience
iv. How To Move Up The Corporate Ladder
v. Personal Principles: What It Takes To Rise To The Top

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1. How To Keep Your Boss Happy - And Move Forward
How to keep your boss happy is simpler than you think. I know the immediate reaction will be “Well, you don’t work for my boss, that’s easy for you to say!”. What do you need to do to keep your boss happy? Read on...

2. What It Takes To Be Number One?
These are tough steps you can take if you want to know what it takes to be number one. If you think there is any special route or instant formula, think again. This article will help guide you if you want to be number one.

3. Chinese Symbol For Patience: Finding & Understanding The Essence of the Word To Propel You To Greater Career Heights
To begin, it isn’t exactly a Chinese “symbol” for patience per se. The correct term should be the Chinese “word” for patience. Some of us may know that the written Chinese word is based on pictograph – a pictorial sign representing an idea. So how does a Chinese word help deepen your career understanding? Find out!.

4. How To Move Up The Corporate Ladder: The No Scheming Way Up
Many expect to read short cuts when they search for tips on how to move up the corporate ladder. The fact is clear, there are no short cuts no matter how much one wants to believe in it. Now, what can you do then?.

5. Personal Principles: What It Takes To Rise To The Top
Soon as you move along in your career you will need to have a set of personal principles to guide you along in your quest up the corporate ladder. Spend some time thinking about what these are. Are these some of the principles you have? .

Thank you for joining us for our "Newbies Careerzine", and we'll see you soon!

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