Chinese Symbol For Patience: Finding And Understanding The Essence Of The Word To Propel You To Greater Career Heights

To begin, it isn’t exactly a Chinese symbol for patience per se. The correct term should be the Chinese “word” for patience. Some of us may know that the written Chinese word is based on pictograph – a pictorial sign representing an idea.

The Chinese symbol for patience, phonetically pronounced as "REN" means patience, tolerance, and it can also mean restraint and control. It is formed by 2 different characters with the image of blade on the heart.

As you can see, the word connotes how difficult it is to practice patience. Practicing this virtue can be a painful lesson.

But it is one that brings many rewards. As the Chinese symbol for patience depicts, this painful experience isn’t something everyone can endure. It needs self-cultivation and iron determination to interpret, understand and put it into practice.

Why should you be patient? What are the benefits of it? And how will it help propel your career? Patience is strength of the mind and heart – as depicted by the Chinese symbol for patience. When you have this strength at work, you will be able to face adversity that comes your way. You will be able to dissolve insults and wrongful accusations. With patience you can deal with an angry boss and an unreasonable colleague.

Do not misinterpret patience as a denial of your feelings. Patience is the ability to stay above anger, irritation and resentment. You acknowledge the feeling and you resolve to dissolve it. When you are patient at work, you have clarity of mind. That allows you to concentrate better and drive better work efficiency.

Have you ever heard of someone who likes to work with people who are impatient? Someone who is angry all the time? I would guess the answer is NO.

Having patience also means having the qualities of quiet steady perseverance. You must have steady persistence in your course of action when met with obstacles, challenges and discouragement. Only then will you keep going to meet success. Patience provides the stamina for you to meet with career success. One who can bear the pain of a blade on one’s heart truly has patience as the Chinese symbol for patience demonstrates.

Patience is also needed to accept the pain of rites of passage. In your junior years at work, you will be subjected to these rites of passage – both formal and informal. It is part of working life in order for your status to rise in your company.

People who do not have such patience usually do not last in the company they work.

There is a Chinese saying that goes like this:
The rich with patience will protect his home,
The poor with patience will save him from humiliation,
The father and son who is patient shows affection,
The siblings who are with patient shows sincerity,
The friend who is patient makes their relationship longer,
The couple that is patient lives in harmony.

I may add, the worker who is patient rises high in the company.

Sages from the past, from different cultures have always propagated patience. The lessons to be forbearing, forgiving and to endure in order to carry out an important mission have been taught for ages.

If you can practice this virtue with excellence, there is no telling how far it can propel your career!

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