Release Your Tension – How to Feel Relax Before Going to Work

Someone wrote and asked how do you release your tension and go to work. I am not sure if there is an easy way to doing this. With the pressures of family and work, tension seems to be always around. However, we can learn how to reduce it. Here's 4 practical steps to help release tension effectively.

1. Think Good Thoughts
An effective way is to start thinking of good thoughts. I know your next question would be, it’s a touch thing to do.

I mean, when you feel all anxious and stressed, how can you think good thoughts?

Well, the trick is to be conscious of your own thoughts. Obviously, if you are reading this you are likely to be quite conscious of how you feel before going to work. At the very least you are seeking an answer.

Catch yourself feeling the tension. When you feel tensed before going to work, tell yourself “Oh oh, negative thoughts and feelings again.” Then immediately switch channels. Just like how you flip your TV channels to tune into a different frequency, do the same for yourself. Just think good thoughts. Even small thing like, “Hey, great weather today.” You can feel yourself release your tension gradually as you keep the flow of good thoughts coming.

2. Be Aware of How You Feel
You need to know you are how you feel. Therefore, be conscious of how you feel. If you have opportunity to take meditation classes, try it. It helps you become more aware of your own feelings. When you are conscious of your own thoughts and feelings, you release your tension easier. You can catch yourself and switch channels easily.

3. Don’t Feel Victimized
Most times, when you feel tensed there is a tendency to feel victimized. You ask why these things happen to you only. You tend to think the whole world is against you. You get a ‘them against me’ feeling. Pull yourself out of that thought process. It’s easy to feel that way. It allows yourself to escape and not take responsibility for whatever that happens. But that will just pile onto the tension.

If you want to release your tension before going to work, make sure you don’t feel you are a victim. There is always two sides to a story. You are likely as responsible for whatever that created the tension as anyone else. When you take responsibility, you know there is a positive step you can do to change it.

4. Permission to Be Happy
Give yourself permission to be happy if you want to release your tension. This is related to the above “Don’t feel victimized”. Allow yourself to be happy. No matter how tough it is to start the day, when you change your thought, you change your feelings.

You are your story you tell yourself. To release your tension before going to work, or even before heading home from work – one important step is really to be conscious of how you feel and think. Then change that thought immediately. It is not easy but when you do it often enough you can feel the difference in your mental health.

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