Stress Reduction Techniques:
5 Simple Ways

Do you practice simple stress reduction techniques? Stress is something you will experience when you join the work force while trying to build a name for yourself. I have had my fair share of stress. Here are some of the simple techniques I practice most often to help reduce stress.

Stress Reduction Technique #1: Know Your Multitasking Capability
In the competitive working world, we all love to multitask. We do as many things as possible. This is especially true for newbies in the working world. You try to impress your superiors by doing more. You try to impress your colleagues by always saying “Yes” to every request. Eventually, you find that you have too much to do and cannot finish them. Worse - you hand in low quality work. Know your multitasking capability. Yes, by all means take the initiative to do extra but know how much you can take and still turn in good work.

Stress Reduction Technique #2: Stop The Complaining Habit
We all love to complain. We complain about everything. The air condition is too cold. So and so is not pulling her weight. So and so is not doing what he’s supposed to do. The worst I have seen is that a lot of people complain because they want someone else to fix the problem. Instead of fixing the problem themselves, they repeat the problem to countless number of people until the problem is carried to the right ears. Imagine repeating a message countless times until it is solved? Why put such stress on yourself? Why not see the person concerned and discuss the problem? Why risk a message wrongly put to the person concerned? Or worse, the message getting to the wrong ears?

Stress Reduction Technique #3: Agree With Criticisms
Once in a while, we will find ourselves on the receiving end of people comments. Someone will come along and criticize our work. Or the way we did a certain project. Especially when you are new to the work, you will inevitably make some mistakes. The natural tendency is to be defensive. You will justify why you did certain things a particular way. The next time it happens, learn to agree with the critics. Say yes and thank them for it. What I learned is that, if there was a grain of truth in their comments, I would have learned something. If there wasn’t, then no matter how defensive I was I wouldn’t change their opinion anyway. They were probably trying to show off their experience.

Stress Reduction Technique #4: Stay Away From Stress
Yes, stay away from stress is by far one of the easiest ways to reduce and manage your stress. By staying away, I mean reduce hanging around colleagues who whine and complain a lot. These people have a natural tendency to suck you into their misery. They seem as though they have a legitimate concern most of the time, and they just want to whine. Nothing else! I used to do this test – I offer a host of solutions to that "complain". Most times I find that they really aren’t interested in the solution at all. Try this experiment in your office. If it's true, then stay away from these people.

Stress Reduction Technique #5: Appreciate Those Who Help
As a career builder newbie, you will find that not everyone is out to make life difficult for you. You will find a lot of colleagues who genuinely want to help. We sometimes get so caught up with our stress that we forget these people. Take time to appreciate these people, simple gestures like a ‘thank you’ not only lets them know you acknowledge their help. You are also reminding yourself that these wonderful colleagues lessen your stress at work.

There are countless stress reduction techniques you can use. These are the five I find easiest to do. Do one or two of these often, and you'll see your stress greatly reduced.

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