How to Motivate Employees – 6 Facets You May Consider To Motivate Your Employees

How to motivate employees? The behavior of motivation is highly complicated that so much has been written about this topic since the beginning of study of management. I don’t claim this article alone will help you solve your problem. But I do hope this will give you some thoughts you can begin with to motivate your employees.

1. What Is The Unique Experience You Offer?
To know how to motivate employees you should start with defining what is it that you do differently from the other organization. I am not talking about hygiene factors such as salary, incentives, a pool table and the likes. Look into your company’s DNA that no one else has. Your culture, values and beliefs – things others cannot take away. Is it the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates your air? Is it the integrity that seeps into your bones in the way you do business?

This unique experience will match with the attitudes and certain types of talents that exist in your organization. Knowing what you offer in terms of the work experience itself can motivate your employees. It makes them excited to work.

2. Role Of Work To Your People
The next thing to understand in how to motivate employees is to understand the role of work in their lives. Work means different things to different people. You cannot assume that money or any other factor alone can motivate your employee.

Work can mean a way for some employees to leave some form of legacy, it can also be a source of improving their lives and family situation and hence financial security is important. Other employees may see work as an opportunity to provide a sense of belonging and to be a part of a team and finding people of common goals and interests. Do you understand the role of work in your employees’ lives?

3. Get to Know Them
How to Motivate Employee? Don’t see them as a problem especially when they do not feel motivated. Understand that people are more than the facet that they bring to life. Start creating a composite picture of who this person is and what makes this person tick. People often bring the stress they have in other parts of their lives into work. When you understand other parts of their lives then you can begin to see what can truly motivate them.

4. Are You The Problem?
An important part of knowing how to motivate employees is to start to understand yourself. You may have been through this experience yourself. It is usually very difficult to feel motivated when you have a crappy boss. Are you part of the problem? How much do you understand yourself and how you lead and manage? While striving to motivate your employees, what has turned into blind spots?

Sometimes, when you ask yourself what do you truly want? I have personally experienced managers coming to me to complain about employees’ level of motivation or rather the lack of motivation. In some cases, the managers themselves look at it as an opportunity to proof that they are right rather than making a better working environment for the employees. You need to ask yourself, do you want to be right or do you want a solution?

To understand how to motivate employees, you need to know what are you doing? How are you managing your resources? Your time? Your people? Do you have people who are willing to tell you things that make you feel uncomfortable? Things you don’t want to hear but must hear?

5. Interesting Work
One way to motivate employees is to create interesting work. If changing the scope of work or modifying it is difficult, help the employee to frame the work so that the work can be seen from another angle. What great purpose does the employee do in the whole chain of getting the product or service into the market? How is it important to the company? Its consumers? Can you create an environment that allows their inherent energy to flourish? Motivation is internal and as managers you cannot motivate, you can only provide guidance and inspire them to be motivated. How can you make their work interesting?

6. Challenge And Excitement
It is innate in people to want growth and achievement in facets of their lives. How can you deliver this in the area of work? Employees want fulfillment which means internally they must feel satisfied with their work and externally they must feel they are being appreciated and being recognized. How can you help them feel appreciated and being recognized? Think beyond “employee of the month”. Are there more creative ways you can make people feel appreciated and recognized for the work?

How to motivate employees is a constant challenge for managers and business owners. Some experts even suggest getting the right employees starts even from the interview stage. This is because different companies requires different make up of the employee population.

Are you stuck with how to motivate your employees? Hire me. I maybe able to help.

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