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Newbies Careerzine, Issue #6 -- Essential Career Promotion Tips to Develop Your Career Path
October 08, 2008

Newbies Careerzine brings you the latest information, tools and tips to succeed in the working world.

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The year is coming to a close – there is only one more quarter to go - and performance evaluation for many will soon follow. This month we dedicate 3 articles to the challenge of career enhancement, promotion and career success.

We have deliberately kept them in an easy to read “7 Tips” format. We hope you will find them easy to read and digest.

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1. 7 Personal Career Enhancement Habits To Guide You in Your First Year at Work
These are 7 of my favorite basic career enhancement habits to help you enhance and create opportunities in your early career. However, in order for these tips to work, you need to put them in practice. Make them into a habit and you will see them work for you - almost instantly. Check the article out here.
2. 7 Essential Career Promotion Tips to Develop Your Career Path
It is never too early to think about your career promotion. Sometimes you think a promotion is merely about meeting your performance target set for you. In many ways this is true but there are other intangible things you can do in order to make that promotion. Read it here.
3. Career Success – 7 Basic Points You Probably Never Thought About
To achieve career success, there are a few concepts you need to understand. Easy as it may sound, you need to understand them, and put them into practice - constant practice. Here are the 7 important points you probably never thought about when considering about career success. Click here to read the article.

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