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The Newbies Career Success Ezine, Issue #12 - Are You Confusing Busyness with Business?
October 27, 2010

Newbies Careerzine brings you the latest information, tools and tips to succeed in the working world.

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1. Quick Note – What’s New?
2. New Articles:

i. Prioritize Your Work – Are you confusing busyness with business?
ii. Relieve Stress at Work – How can you relieve stress at work by getting the small stuff out of the way?
iii. Leaders vs. Managers - Can leaders and managers be one at the same?
iv. How to Stay Focused at Work - 7 efficient tips to get you on track
v. Be Clear - Powering through the land of soulless work
vi. Act Now - The art of getting into action and getting things done
vii. Stay Motivated at Work - How to Keep your Energy Going by taking small breaks
viii. Learn from Failure - How it increases your chances of succeeding

This month’s issue we bring you a further 8 articles concerning work.

Whether you are a newbie at work or a veteran, we hope to be able to provide you with some suggestions you will find helpful.

We noticed that our site is frequented by managers as well as newbies at work. Some of them looking for tips for help to solve attitudes and personnel challenges. We thank you for the suggestions and please keep sending questions to us. We may not be able to answer them all but we will surely attend to it one way or another. Usually via the articles as an answer. Do check back often.

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1. Prioritize Your Work: Do Not Confuse Busyness with Business.
Are you confusing busyness with business? Learn how to prioritize your work here.
2. Relieve Stress At Work: Do More At Work and Get Small Tasks Out Of The Way.
How can you relieve stress at work by getting the small stuff out of the way? Find out here.
3. Leaders vs Managers: Promotion Advice You Can Use When You Know These Two Can Be One And The Same.
Can leaders and managers be one at the same? I do think both share similar traits. Find out here.
4. How To Stay Focused At Work : 7 Efficient Tips To You On Track.
Find out all about it here.
5. Be Clear: Powering Through the Land of Soulless Work.
Want to learn how to power through the land of soulless work? Read about it here.
6. Act Now: The Art of Getting Into Action and Getting Things Done.
The world moved today because someone acted on a plan. What about you? Click here to get things done.
7. Stay Motivated At Work: How to Keep Your Energy Going By Taking Small Breaks.
Are you looking to stay motivated? Click here.
8. Learn from Failure: How It Increases Your Chances of Succeeding.
You do not fail unless you give up. And there are plenty of lessons to learn from failure. Read more about it here.

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