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The Newbies Career Success Ezine, Issue #11 - Are You Working For A Stupid Boss?
September 08, 2010

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1. Quick Note – What’s New?
2. New Articles:

i. Toxic Leadership – 7 Signs You Are Suffocating Under Its Poisonous Cloud
ii. Stupid Boss – Your Boss Qualifies If He Nails Half of These Six Characteristics
iii. Asking For A Pay Raise – How To Prepare To Ask For A Pay Raise
iv. Positive Attitude At Work : Common Expectations from Bosses To Get You Promoted
v. Steps to Anger Management – 7 Tough Steps in Learning to Control Your Anger
vi. Definition Of A Leader : What Makes A Leader A LEADER?
vii. Qualities Of A Great Leader – The 6 Common Qualities Of A Great Leader
viii. Goal Setting In The Workplace : How You Can Help Your Manager With Your Performance Review And Career Planning Process
ix. Career Success Philosophy – How To Establish It

Interesting issues as we talk about Asking for a Pay Raise, Toxic Leadership and Stupid Bosses!

There have been a lot of emails pouring in lately about bosses. So in this issue we dedicated a little more time to the topic of leaders and bosses. We have not been able to reply a lot of emails and this task looks more unlikely to be fulfilled as the site grows. What we will do though is group all the emails and turn them into topics of interests and hopefully they will answer your queries.

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This issue we bring you 9 interesting articles. As usual, these are requested from readers and visitors to our site.

We hope you will find these helpful.

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1. Toxic Leadership – 7 Signs You Are Suffocating Under Its Poisonous Cloud. Toxic Leadership, are you suffocating under its cloud? Read all about Toxic Leadership here.
2. Stupid Boss – Your Boss Qualifies If He Nails Half of These Six Characteristics. Does your boss qualify as one? Find out here.
We are sure you will share the above with friends and colleagues you know who suffers from these tyrants! Email them this newsletter.
3. Getting angry with stupid bosses and toxic leaders, maybe there is something here for you - Steps To Anger Management.
4. Learn to set goals at work. Find out all about it here...Goal Setting In The Workplace.
5. Of course, after all is said and done, always maintain a Positive Attitude At Work. Learn about it here.
6. Probably, one of the toughest things to do is Asking For A Pay Raise. Learn how to do it here. Know someone grappling with this challenge? Send them this link. Tweet it!
7&8. Surely, we cannot talk about Toxic Leadership and Stupid Bosses without talking about Definition Of A Leader and Qualities of a Great Leader.
9. We end this week with a philosophy to consider...Career Success Philosophy.

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