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The Newbies Career Success Ezine, Issue #14 - Start Your Year Ahead
January 25, 2011
Dear All,

This is the first installment of our newsletter for the year. We hope you had a good start to 2011. We certainly did and hope to keep the momentum on all fronts. Keeping pace in pursuit of your goals are important. Many people start strong but never complete their goals. If you keep doing the one next action that takes you closer to your goals everyday, you will reach it.

There are a lot of interesting articles from your suggestions. We think it is apt we start the year talking a little about promotions and time management so we can all keep in mind these things as we crave out a great 2011. We hope you will keep the suggestions and comments coming.

This issue we bring you 6 interesting articles to start your year ahead.

  1. How To Be Promoted: Get The Basics Right AND More
    You want to be promoted? Have you got the basics right? Here are some key points to watch...

  2. Act The Part: What Helps To Get You Ahead At Work
    You want to get ahead at work? One way to do it is to act the part. How do you do it? Check it out here.

  3. How to Plan Your Day by Preplanning Your Day
    Planning your day is one way to be productive. One way is to preplan it. That’s right. Do it the day before. How?

  4. Positive Work Environment – How to Create One Where People Enjoy Coming To Work
    We all have a part in creating a positive working environment. Take these positive steps to help start a positive environment in the office. Especially if you feel your company can benefit.

  5. Nice Expert: 7 Ways On How To Get Ahead While Others Are Failing At Work
    How do you get ahead while others are failing at work? Get the tips here…

  6. Do Not Waste Any Time Anymore: Avoid The Time Robbers
    Get more done in a day. Watch out for the time robbers. Do you do these?
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Make 2011 the best year ever!"

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