Hate People I Work with

by Tina
(West Hartford, CT USA)

I came from a big company and I worked there for about 8 years where I believe they have a strong management skills and how to make people together as a family at work. I left this company because the work get bored since things got automated. I started working for a much smaller company where the industry was totally different but I am a type of person take risks, work hard and make myself like things that I didn't.

So after a short time there part of the manager's job had been transferred over to mine. He now seem had more time not to be at work or on the phone. I also created and made things done before he even knew it. However I had to leave the job because he was harassed that he swear and every time I asked questions he was angry. I had asked his boss couple time to lay me off but he said I was smart and the company needed me and he tried to convinced me to stay.

So after about 1 and 1/2 year I left the company and started working for another small company where it's about 200 employees. I love the commute it's only 5 miles drive each way. I felt the difference from the one that was always angry when I asked questions to the one who was willing to answer question I had. I want to make friends with the people I work with because that where I came from and how I love where I worked at the big company when I started my career. So I was always friendly and brought in brownies and goodies sometimes coffee and donuts.

I asked them to go out for lunch but most of the time they refused. Sometimes we were eating lunch together as a group before a monthly meeting but after they were done they left me eating by myself. I then start eating at my desk every time there is a monthly meeting then they ask why I am not joining them. I hate when they are fake like that. They are trying to put it over to my fault. I don't think these two people has as much experience on the job as I do. I was there only 5 months and I picked up the stuff that was a manager's responsibility where these two guys were there for 3 years and never did something like this.

So I was a 5 months old had to teach the 3 years old what to do. Many times they are trying to take the credits that I do. Like I said I am a hard work, learn fast, smart, never give up on things that I start with and make myself like things that I didn't like so of course I have a lot credits than these two. The company converted to a new system so I picked up things from the old and translated to the new and made it worked within a short period of time. The company expected the work would not be done and meet the deadlines but guess what I made it work and complete even the deadlines.

And again they are trying to take the credit. So what I did was write a long email to my boss and explained to him what I did and how I did and how much time and effort I put into the work and also mentioned that without me the work wouldn't be and cc one of the co workers. I work hard and know more things than these two but what piss me off is that every time I say things they ignore me and act like I am stupid. Can you tell me why? Is it because they are jealous?

So my goals were to make friend and be happy at work is not there any more. They wait until when I am not there go to lunch or wait for me to finish my lunch and ask me if I want to go out to lunch with them. So now I have to transform from an honest person and friendly to person always think that these are fake and shouldn't be friend with them. My boss is not 100% acknowledge my work because he is in different location most of the time he knows is when I do the work and cc him or hear from the girl I work with but for about half of the time he sees that and appreciates of what I have done. I told him the situation and he had talked to the girl but I don't think this is going to get better.

So this is my reason that I want to leave.

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