My endeavor to do something

by Satish Nair
(Jodhpur, India)

When I joined my present organization in 1999, I was not at all a good communicator and often I got berated by my seniors, as my authority over English was very poor and I used to write in the same pattern time and again, this made them irritated. Though my grammar was good that I could make out a good letter, I was lacking the appropriate vocabulary. The things got worse when I felt I was not getting motivated. I feel very sad and I urged myself to do something.

I took the initiative to read grammar books and surf the internet for English grammar sites and if I felt it is good, I started to save it in the computer and as the time went by I have a good collection of 200 files for grammar. I thought it is of no use, if others are not aware about this, hence I started to share these lessons among 100 colleagues – those colleagues, I know every well. I also prepared a presentation using PowerPoint and started copying lessons in sheets, on putting some efforts, I could make a PowerPoint presentation file, starting from the alphabets to advanced stages (to a great extent).

Coincidentally, while surfing internet for grammar, I chanced to visit some good inspirational sites like there I could see a lot of inspirational articles and at first for a fun, I started to store them and later on seriously. One day when I saw my collection of materials, at least 300 articles were there. I thought to share these materials among others, then I started to share even among senior officials in my organization. Though everybody noticed it, somebody have appreciated over mail that this is a good practice, but most of them did not. Since the feedback was meager, I discontinued sending mails one day, then the mails were pouring in from a lot of colleagues, requesting not to discontinue as those are valuable mails, relieved and pleased I restarted sending mails.

On sharing these much of materials, an idea emerged out from within that why I should write something, though I am not a master of that art “authoring”, I somehow gained the confidence and started writing inspirational articles, about attitude, behaviour, self esteem, self confidence, values, integrity etc. and recently I could send one of my articles to a competition at our group level, which was a film review, of course, inspirational. To my surprise it could fetch the first prize. This is surely contributed substantially to my present confidence level that I can continue with my efforts.

I am also doing my MBA in HR through distance learning and it is in the final stages now. I am sure that I will be able to have the MBA this year.

Now I share regularly English Grammar Tips, Vocabularies, Inspirational mails (of others and once in a week of mine) among 100 odd colleagues, though everybody is not appreciating my effort, however during interaction, I could hear from some good fellows that they are going through it and if needed, they are also saving it for future use.

I would state that my efforts are neither for the purpose of impressing somebody nor for getting appreciated or for the purpose of showing this in public, I believe that if I share the knowledge, my knowledge base will be enlarged, even if others are not taking care of it.

I would reiterate that I am not a perfect and master in the art of penning down of my own, however I am not hurting anybody’s feelings, but inspiring them with my humble efforts, I think this initiation from my side will push me forward and surely it will not cause any harm for me.

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Sep 30, 2015
motivate! NEW
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with you about motivation. When you have motivation at work( not necesaraly money) you will work your at your best, with a desire to change something in company for better and do everything possible for company to grow. Write My Essay For Me - EssayTrust states that employers should think how they can motivate their employees, just simply tell them thank you for good work or something like that

Oct 29, 2008
Don't Stop
by: Andrew Ng

Hi, I think what you're doing is commendable. I try to educate my staff on good work ethics and the response sometimes is very dissapointing. But after reading your article, I am inspired to continue.

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