Success Always Come After Failure

by Tamer Momtaz
(Egypt 10th Ramadan )

My name is Tamer Momtaz.

I am from Egypt I work in banking sector for 13 years

My story:
I worked in a famous bank and I was very happy , but under the stress of money I went to another Gulf bank in Egypt where I saw the salary only and I forgot that there are other things that cannot be ignored. The community in the workplace where I worked had many problems between individuals and no values. There every employee hate himself before he hate others, I was not able to live in this atmosphere and suffering, therefore I left work and I sat at home for 4 months and discharged and exhausted all the savings with my wife and 4 children i lived in sadness. I was very miserable and then God help me to find new work in a respectful bank with lower salary than before but encouraged me to learn and got a MBA degree and I am now studying a PhD. Work is not only about money, but many things integrated with the love of people and a staff of values. I cannot describe to you the taste of sadness when I see my colleagues who have continued in the earlier bank I worked in, they pant in a vicious circle.

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Jan 06, 2018
good NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 23, 2015
Agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I would definitely agree on that statement, as it was all the time my thing that after a failure, success was always coming. You just do not need to give up after failure, that is the most important thing.
Christine from writing an essay

Apr 06, 2010
thanks so much
by: Tamer Momtaz

Dear / Benjie of Philippines
thanks so much for your kind comment
i hope to you all meaning of happiness

Nov 04, 2008
by: Benjie of Philippines

It's nice to read your story.

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