Creativity At Work – Using Ideas To Work Your Way To The Top

When you mention creativity at work, people will start to think they need to invent things, get innovative and get an award for the work they do.

Of course, creativity at work can be big projects that bring profound change to the company and organization. But it is not necessarily so. Creativity at the workplace can be small steps in processes that you put in and suggest to the company.

Workable ideas come from being creative and seeing things with a different perspective. You need not be in the creative industry or even the person in research and development to be creative.

Creativity is in all of us if we start to look at things from a different perspective and come out with ideas of your own. Because creativity is a rare commodity amongst employees, having this as an asset can greatly help your career.

1. Why Is It Done This Way?
Two of the most common ways to be creative when it comes to coming out with ideas in the company is to ask the question – why is it done this way? When you start to answer this question, you begin to dig deeper into the reason for the existing system. That reason may not be valid anymore hence the solution i.e., the current system may not be right at all for the current context. This is one way you can initiate your own creativity at work.

2. How Can This Be Better?
Once you know the answer to the why question, you can ask yourself how the process can be better. This leads you to a better solution no one may have thought about before. Better yet, may have thought about before but never followed through with the idea.

3. This Is Too Tough
If you want creativity to work for you, never ever let the idea that this is too tough to slow you down. Do not let it make you give up the idea. All good creative solutions take time to implement. The tougher the problem is to solve, the more worthwhile it is to pursue and the rewards are far greater.

4. There Is No Way It Can Be Done
There will be detractors to your attempts to be creative at work. People will come and tell you about previous failed attempts. They will even tell you about embarrassing attempts and how people suffered for those. Do not be derailed as you will be putting in your own ideas to the solution. In fact, make it a point to listen to all these people because they provide a wealth of information you can use to better your own solutions.

5. No Way Can We Make It On Time
Another trigger to get creative is when people tell you there is no way the project can make it on time based on the time given. Time is a resource. But creativity is about resourcefulness. When you hear comments like these, find out where you can speed things up. What are the redundant steps cut out to save time?

6. Order Where There Is None
Sometimes all it takes to trigger creativity at work is for some disorderliness. When you see disorderliness, this is a perfect signal to put on your thinking cap and ask yourself how you can make this better. Typically, it is about putting in some form of order and process. The few reasons why some people have not attempted is because, people are lazy, they don’t want to be given more responsibilities and of course, the fear of failure.

7. Persuasiveness
Creativity at work can come in the simplest of form. There will be a lot of departments you have to work with, there will be a lot of collaboration that needs to be forged. You will find people whose egos are too big to massage. What do you do? Get creative. How can you persuade these people to be on your side? Look for what motivates them. That is also creativity at work.

Use creativity at work as your way up the corporate ladder. It is something many people do not see an opportunity in because they are too busy playing politics. Try it and see how it will serve you.

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