Positive Self-Esteem Development In The Workplace

The need for positive self-esteem development in the workplace isn’t necessary a sign of weakness. As a newbie in the workplace, it is inevitable that sometimes you will begin to question your work competency. Especially when you start to fumble a little with your tasks.

Sometimes you may not need positive self-esteem development. After all, you could be fairly confident of your work, you have the necessary skills and you know have a clear sense of purpose. You may only have a temporary setback.

If you truly feel you have a need for positive self-esteem development in the workplace, here are some steps you can use. I have personally used these steps with some of my managers to good success.

1. Understand Your Own Competency
Do you have the necessary skills to complete the task given? Obviously, if you do not, you will feel incompetent and hence your self-esteem will take a beating. Once you understand your own skills set, you can begin to take the necessary steps to learn the required skill.

It will also allow you to open up a discussion between you and your manager regarding training opportunities. Of course, this is a long-term measure. For short term, perhaps you can request for a more senior colleague to shadow you on the task at hand. That way, you get practical lessons and feel more confident about completing the task.

2. Aware Of Your Worthiness
A sense of worthiness isn’t just about the capability of feeling good about yourself. In fact, it has to do with feelings like finding relevance in things that foster personal growth and making the commitment to these goals that gives you a sense of satisfaction. Find meaning in the goals you work on and how it will benefit you as a person. That way, the root cause for you feeling better is more grounded in reality than a superficial feeling good about yourself.

The first two steps above are the most important for positive self-esteem development in the workplace. The relationship between competency and worthiness clearly grounded in reality gives you healthy self-esteem.

3. Set Realistic Goals
Once you understand the above, the next step in positive self-esteem development in the workplace is to set realistic goals. Begin by developing a plan based on clear appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses. Then set realistic goals based on that. That will give you a clear sense of direction and where to focus your energy and effort. Setting goals is only part of the equation. The next important step is to act upon the plan. Nothing is achieved until you put your plan in action.

4. Commit Via Discipline
A Chinese saying goes, “For the person with will, there are no impossible tasks in this world.” With the will to improve, make sure you commit to achieving your realistic goals via discipline. You will achieve the goals as long as you are committed to making your plan work. When you achieve those goals, your self-esteem will naturally rise. This will set you on the path of positive self-esteem development in the workplace.

5. Freedom To Fail
What if you fail? Allow yourself the freedom to fail. No one great achiever has been successful one hundred percent of the time in all their endeavors. Failure allow you to learn where you went wrong. It is an opportunity to be better at what you do. Be thankful for failures as they increase the chances of success as we work on our plans.

Look at it from another angle, failure allows you to bounce back. That in itself is a way of positive self-esteem development. When you bounce back from failures, your self-esteem rises.

Failure also allows you to experience your true sense of competence. That is a crucial step in positive self-esteem development in the workplace.

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Positive Self-Esteem Development
The need for positive self-esteem development in the workplace isn’t necessary a sign of weakness.

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