Anger Management Strategy for Career Success – The First Step

What is your anger management strategy?

As a newbie pursuing career success, you need to be aware of your anger. Additionally, you need to be able to dissolve your anger if you realize you have an anger problem. Think about an anger management strategy that fits you well and make a plan to practice it.

The main thing in anger management is to understand a few key components. When you get an understanding of how it works you can begin a plan to learn to dissolve your anger or guide someone through it.

1. Grow An Awareness
The first basic step in anger management strategy is to grow an awareness of what makes you angry. As simple as it sounds, write these experiences down when you experience it. Do not judge yourself. No matter how silly it is, write it down.

The idea is for you to be conscious of what triggers that anger. For me personally, sometimes it is the way someone uses their tone and manner when requesting something. Now, they may not do this on purpose but out of my own weakness, it triggers anger in me. As part of my anger management strategy, I wrote what was the topic about, the scenario and how it was put forth. It dawned upon me that the majority of times, it was the tone and manner of the other party.

Grow an awareness of what triggers anger in you as part of your anger management strategy. That way you can begin a plan to address your anger problem.

2. Anger Can Form Personas That Become Real
As you become used to getting angry, it forms a habit. That habit creates a persona for you. It may not be the real you but as you adopt a new habit this persona will appear real to others. And before long it will become you. As a newbie pursuing career success, uncontrolled anger in the workplace can be detrimental to your success.

Hence, the step in this anger management strategy is to ensure that it does not become a habit. What are the common personas of anger?

a. The Outright Anger
If you express your anger in the most straightforward fashion then you are starting to wear this persona. You yell, scream, and even throw things. And can be seen as violent to others. Often you regret after that saying things like, “I am not sure what got over me.” This sort of anger seems to have a life of its own.

b. The Hidden Agenda
If you smile and hide your feelings of anger, then this is most probably you. I have seen many executives who are angry but do not express them. Yet, they smile and go about their work. But you know the anger is hidden inside. As time goes by these people keep so much anger in them that they do not know who they are anymore. People lose trust in them.

c. The Silent Hits Back
This person takes what “The Hidden Agenda” does a step further. When they are angry, they do not do anything that they are required to do. It is not that they do not know what needs to be completed. They just do not want to do it. Instructions are given but because they are angry they refuse to start. They are hitting back without expressing their anger verbally.

These three personas are not mutually exclusive as you may actually switch between them in different situations. However, there will always be a pre-dominant one.

As a newbie pursuing career success, be aware of how these can work against your road to career success. With any of these personas, be conscious of what triggers them. This is an important step in your anger management strategy.

3. The Unacceptable Tough Guy
It is unfortunate that in today’s society, we perpetuate a perception that we all need to be tough guys to survive or even thrive. And even more unfortunate is that implicit in the definition of a tough guy is one that has a lot of anger. Someone who outwardly expresses his or her anger is seen as a tough person. One who does not let someone else run over him or her.

Anger at work while is sometimes tolerated is unacceptable. As mature adults, you are expected to be able to put your anger in control. Have an anger management strategy if you feel that is truly holding your career success back.

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