Anger Management In The Workplace - 7 Calm Down and Get A Grip Anger Management Tips

Anger management in the workplace can be especially a challenge for a newbies at work. That is not to say that it is not a challenge for the more senior at work but for a newbie it is even tougher. After all you are working to create a good impression. Here are 7 calm down tips to help you get a grip of your anger effectively.

1. You Must Really Want To Change
The first step in anger management in the workplace is – you must really want to change. There is no in-between. No excuses. If you know your temper is a problem at work and creating disruption for yourself and others, then YOU must want to change. If you continue to blame others for your outbursts, no one can help you.

2. Recognize The Triggers
Do not give yourself excuses. Be sensitive to the triggers. What are the things that make you angry and be sensitive to them. When you start to recognize these triggers you can be better prepared. Are the triggers a certain type of personality? Are they situations? Perhaps when things are rushed it triggers your anger? Can it even be emails or how some emails are written? Be sensitive to these as part of your anger management in the workplace.

3. Step Back. Walk Away
When you are sensitive and recognize to the triggers, it is time to step back and walk away. When you feel your blood boiling due to the presence of these triggers, step back or even walk away. Go to the washroom. Take a break from the situation instead of giving into the primal impulse to retaliate.

4. Post A Reminder
Post reminders for yourself. Have it in front of your mirror, somewhere you can see before you go to work. It can even be in your car or right in front of your computer monitor. But remember not to let it become a blind spot. Make it a point to read the reminder EVEN if you are not angry. It can be a phrase, a quote or plain two words – eg. Keep Calm or Have Patience.

5. Practice Calmness and Patience
Look for opportunities to practice calmness and patience. Recognize the benefit of practicing it. It is tough but once you start you will want to do more of it. If you are like me living in a city where gridlocks or traffic jams are common, it is the best place to practice calmness and patience. Traffic can be one of the most testing things in the morning. Tell yourself to remain calm and patient. After all, no amount of shouting or slamming on the steering wheel will get you any further. When you stay calm and unfazed in such a simple situation you will start to reap the benefits. That experience can be transferred to your anger management at the workplace.

6. Be Positive. Be Professional.
Be positive about things and people. Most times your anger can be triggered by negative thoughts about people, situations and processes. Think positive about these situations. You waste a lot more time, energy and effort by being angry than calm.

Know that you need to be professional at work. And getting angry all the time is very unprofessional. How do you expect to gain that promotion and make a good impression when you are angry often? Realizing the need to be positive and professional is a way to anger management in the workplace.

7. Give In
Learn to give in and be concerned for others. When someone is genuinely concerned for others, it lessens the triggers to be angry. When you care for others you will also realize the effects of your temper on your colleagues. Give time, effort and energy to help someone.

Refrain from harsh words, divisive words, lies and gossips. These feed negative energy into your already angry self. When you stop all these, anger management in the workplace becomes easier.

8. Don’t Beat Yourself Over It
Anger management in the workplace isn’t easy. But with practice you will be calmer. When you do not succeed initially, continue to practice. Do not beat yourself over it even with all the reminders and recognizing the triggers. Remind yourself that you will do better the next time . Reflect on what and how can you do better the next time.

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Anger Management In The Workplace - 7 Calm Down and Get A Grip Anger Management Tips
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