Success Recipe – The Key Ingredients For Your Career Success

You should know what success recipe you would choose once you have decided on your success dish. Here are some career success ingredients you need as a newbie seeking career success. Your success dish maybe different from others but there are some key ingredients common in these recipes for success.

1. A Generous Helping of Working Hard
This success recipe calls for a generous helping of working hard. In this time and age, a lot of credibility is given to working smart. Now, don't get me wrong. It is important to work smart.

is working smart. Knowing your job priorities is working smart. However, there is a tendency for career newbies to take the short cut. Now, that is not working smart.

There is fun in hard work and I feel that not enough emphasis is given to working hard. Success does not come to those who do nothing but think about short cuts. Working hard is an underrated virtue. Remember, if you use this ingredient generously – your success dish will tastes much better. And that is where the fun is – tasting that dish.

2. Avoid Any “Barely Enough”
There is one key ingredient that you need to avoid if you are to cook a tasty dish of success. This ingredient is called “Barely Enough”. Do not under any circumstances add “barely enough” in your recipe.

Have the determination to do extra and go the extra mile. Never accept barely enough of yourself and for yourself. When you do more than required, it tells your colleagues and bosses that you care. You care enough to do more. When you care enough to do more, the quality shines through and people will notice. They like you to be on their team, as you become a key competitive advantage.

3. Go Big on Passion for Action
Another ingredient you can add a lot of in this recipe for success is passion for action. While achieving success involves believing in your own dream, you must remember not to end up a dreamer and not a doer.

In this success recipe, always have a passion for action. That means acting upon the steps that you have planned. Do not jut talk. Do not just dream. Act upon your dreams and plan and you are half way to whatever success you planned.

4. Forget That You are a Talented Cook
Many talented cooks feel that once they have the success recipes, they are destined to cook the best success dish. That is not so. Talent has very little to do with success if you forget that your dish is only as good as the ingredients that you use. A good balance of vision, talent and ingredients will cook you a good dish of success. Talent alone will not.

So, forget that you are a talented cook. Instead concentrate on bringing the best ingredients to the kitchen. That way you concentrate on what is more important ie. your goals and attitudes that can help you achieve those goals.

5. Always Add “Willingness to Learn”
One of the most crucial ingredients for career newbies is the “willingness to learn”. Never be caught without it. Bring it along with you regardless of what success recipe you are cooking. It is a common ingredient in any dish of success. When you are willing to learn, the teachers will appear. The more teachers you have the more you will learn. That in turn increases your chances of succeeding.

Now that you have the key ingredients in this success recipe, ask yourself how much are you willing to commit to making this dish a reality?

(This is Part 2 of a 5 Part Article)

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