Attitudes In the Workplace that Helps You Pursue Career Success

I know through personal experience that attitudes in the workplace is an easy topic to talk about but very tough to do. Sometimes, these points or tips or whatever you call it is so obvious that people turn themselves off. Forgetting why they searched for the article in the first place.

Sometimes the answers to what may be a seemingly complex question is a simple answer. But executing that simple answer is tough and many people like short cut answers. They like the smoothest road to career success. Ideally, attitudes in the workplace that determines success comes in a box with instructions to scoop two tablespoons of powder and mix with cold water only. Better yet, ready to drink.

I am sorry; if you are looking for those sorts of answers then you have come to the wrong place. The attitudes in the workplace that I will write about below will also be obvious, but doing it takes resolve, discipline and action. Which means hardwork, which means turning lots of people off.

But here it is for those of you who are willing to read these simple yet tough to do attitudes in the workplace.

  • Strive for Excellence
  • Take personal responsibility for your work. Your designation does not matter when it comes to getting a job done to the best of your ability. What matters is you take personal responsibility for the work that has been assigned to you. When you take personal responsibility for your work, the quality will show. It will make a difference. This is one of the few attitudes in the workplace that can make you stand out from your peers.

  • Strive for Constant Improvement
  • Do you think you are good already? Good on you. Make yourself better. When you think you know a task well, perfect it. When you feel your presentation skills are superb, perfect it. Nothing should stop you from striving for constant improvement. Only when you feel you need to improve do you learn new things. Striving for constant improvement isn’t about the person you are now. It is about the better person you can become. When you have striving for constant improvement as one of the attitudes in the workplace, you naturally increase your chances of career success.

  • Learn To Listen
  • I have seen a lot of career newbies that do not know when to shut up. To be fair, I have seen a fair number of seniors at work that does the same too. Which tells you, this is one of the more difficult attitudes in the workplace to practice. Listening needs discipline. You really have to control yourself from NOT speaking when someone else talks. Especially when your bosses are teaching you something and giving you instructions.

    Listen attentively and you will pick up nuggets of knowledge that will help in your work. You will learn to get the right things done. Listening is an attitude in the workplace that many do not realize its importance. Our society places too much emphasis on adding values that newbies at work feels speaking up is contributing. Not necessarily, sometimes listening and getting an instruction right contributes more than speaking up. After all, it is results that follow actions that matter for your career success.

    I could go on, but let’s see you be conscious about these attitudes in the workplace and continuously practice these in the weeks to come.

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