Success Recipe – Pushing for Career Success

Striking a balance while pushing for career success is the last part of your career success recipe. You have now seen an overview of what a career success recipe consists. From knowing what to cook, to its key ingredients, planning the dish to understanding that it is a process.

I have seen it too often especially among young graduates on a first job or even seasoned employees joining a new company. They are all too eager pushing for career success that they crack under their own pressure.

Understand that your career success is like a good dish, it takes time to cook. You cannot rush it. Give yourself time to work on the finer details and enjoy the process. The more you push yourself the more mistakes you will make. That will only delay your career success plans.

Your Best is Good Enough
Taking time to enjoy the process of your career success isn’t about not planning for success. It means understanding that career success takes time and effort. It also doesn’t mean that you do not push yourself. The question is how much do you do while pushing for career success? When is it good enough?

The answer seems fairly simple but in practice it isn’t at all. The answer is this - when you have given your best, that’s when it is good enough. In order to answer when is it that you know you have done your best, you need to know your own definition of success. Remember the first part of the success recipe? Knowing what you want to cook?

When seeking for that answer, you will have to confront what are your values and motivations in life. That will lead you to realize your priorities in life. And hence, how much time and effort you are willing to allocate to each aspect of your life. Once you do all these, you will intrinsically know when you are giving your best in pushing for career success.

When you give your best that’s when it is good enough. Think of your career success as a banquet you are cooking. There are many success dishes you will cook. Each successful dish and each failure adds to your experience. It also increases your chances of succeeding.

When Good Enough is Not Good Enough
When cooking your career success recipe, you need to constantly remind yourself that good enough is not good enough. So, when is good enough not good enough?

It is when you do not do things with Pride, Passion and Belief.

  • Pride
  • Just as a good cook takes great pride in cooking a dish, you should approach each and every assignment with pride too. Pride here means self-dignity, not arrogance. It is when you take personal responsibility to each job given to you. Knowing that everything you do has your name on it, and you give it your best. When you do things with pride, you will not do just good enough. You will give it your best.

  • Passion
  • Spice up your dish with a generous helping of passion. When you are driven by passion for the work and pride as the foundation, your work will always smell the best. When you do things with directed passion, you know you are giving your best.

  • Belief
  • Work with a belief. Doing something without a belief is just a fool at work. When you act upon a belief with pride as your foundation and passion to fuel you – you know you will be giving your best.

    Have Fun with Your Career Success Recipe
    Your career success recipe is like cooking for a banquet. Take your time. There will be spills but there will be successes too. When there are spills, soak it all up along the way. Don’t rush it in a day. When there are successes, savor it and know that more is possible.

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